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Can Music Be Valued As Fine Art?


It’s a new day; you get ready for your job, class or just a lazy day at home. As the day progresses you may find yourself plugging in your earphones either into your iPod or phone and listening to music. Maybe you’re walking down the street and you meet with an artist exhibiting their skill on an instrument, if they are any good or you enjoy what they are playing then you may find yourself stopping to listen. It is our human nature to want to connect with other people. Art and music allow us to experience that and make that connection. Unlike other forms of art, music allows the artist to use either their vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce harmony and at the same time expressing themselves.

Fine art is commonly defined as a creative piece of art whose product is to be appreciated primarily for their imaginative, aesthetic, or intellectual content. We would then attribute the word fine’ to something of great value and something that is rare. Earlier this year, Christie’s art sale became the highest auction ever generating sums totaling to $495 million. It established 16 new world auction records, with nine works selling for more than $10 million and 23 for more than $5 m.

You would then want to ask why music doesn’t attract these kinds of prices. A song normally fetches around $.99 per download. One would then argue that music is less of an art than any other form of art. However, the fiscal disparity can be explained by the fact that there are fewer painters than there are musicians and the rate that painters churn out their pieces is much slower than musicians. However, that doesn’t mean that music is less of an art than paintings or even any other art form. As history would dictate, the word fine’ is not all about the value of the piece but rather the purity of the discipline.

Music and art has been known to be of great value in our various cultures as they have been present for thousands of years. Every nation, if not all, on this planet have a national anthem; a well composed and arranged piece of musical art that gets to make the citizens proud of their country. Furthermore, music is not only used in the artist’s self-expression but also entertain the audience. It has also been known to inspire and encourage those who may be facing a tough time in their lives. Additionally, even in clinical cases, music has been used to treat some illnesses. That’s just to name but a few the uses and benefits if music.

Music and art are an integral part of our culture as human beings. How we choose to look at a particular song and call it Fine Art’ should more than the fiscal value that that piece has; it should be the impact that that particular song has, from the message that it seeks to pass through and to ensure its perfection as far as it’s concerned.