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Music as science

Is there a said age to learn to sing or learn any musical instrument? Think again if your age old dream of strumming your most-loved tunes on the piano, or Guitar maybe writing songs with the passion that had been never lived so far this can be the perfect time to learn or at least give it a shot, and believe me you would be so happy to hear yourself progress with a little practice every day.

Are you confused on where , how and when to start, there are more opportunities for musical studies, research has proved time and again that therapeutic benefits of learning singing or music includes a reinforcement of the immune system, and boosts intellect, and it signifies positive thinking. This applies for the elderly and not to cite that learning or playing your favorite musical instrument, or singing your favorite song can be a lot of fun too, First start to locate a good music school and this is the major and most significant way to start learning from the basis as well as learning the right way too. Music lessons can play an important role in helping the elderly too,to keep a sharp brain and a research conducted related to playing music has proved that music empowers few areas of the brain concerned with memory which might help them in their golden age preventing them from Alzheimer’s diseases and other types of dementia. We all live in uncertain times and many of us carry heavy stress burdens, listening to music or practicing music helps us to focus on the sublime and feel transported to a more tranquil place.

There is indeed a deep mystery within the secret chambers of human body that are easily accessed through the window of music. It is also noticed by many people who teach music at various institutes have witnessed that playing an instrument can play a vital role in helping seniors relax and gain perspective. This happens because music helps in memory retention and adds to your physical and emotional well-being, apart from this singing and listening to songs helps us to express ourselves spiritually and creatively.